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The world is slowly evolving and everything is taking a new dimension in order to fit within the interest of the individuals and make life better. When the Electronic cigarettes were invented, there were many questions as to whether they were safe for the users or not. The main idea behind their invention was to act as an alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking which has claimed so many lives because of the toxins in them.

One of the disturbing factors is that nicotine is addictive and therefore has been no medical remedy to help the millions of users who have found themselves in this trap. There are a number of reasons that can make people celebrate over these cigarettes. In the first case, they don’t produce much smoke or bad smell like in the other case. These cigarettes have various flavors within their cartridges and when one exhales vapor, it cannot harm the immediate surrounding in any way because it disappears immediately.

The use of electronic cigarettes is just among the proven ways with which one can enhance the conservation of the environment. Another reason why electronic cigarettes are a must have for smokers is because they are not messy. There is no need for an ash tray because they actually don’t produce smoke, one can comfortably sit at the place of his or her convenience and puff without interfering with the people nearby.

These cigarettes have a good smell and it can take people some while for them to discover that you are smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are not expensive as such; one only needs to purchase the starter kit which is usually very affordable. The cost of this kit depends on the brand of the cigarettes. In the modern world, a packet of cigarettes can cost up to 12 dollars irrespective of which state one is coming from. This is expensive and to make it more complicated, the rising rate of inflation as well as the production of tobacco as well as fuel is likely to increase the costs even further. The average smoker can therefore spend up to 300 dollars per month exclusive of lighters, or ash trays which is a bit costly.

The electronic cigarettes are cheaper, the only expense goes to the cartomizers and batteries which can go up to 40 dollars though it also depends on how often one vapes. The se cigarettes last longer when they are carefully used. These cigarettes are healthier compared to the side effects of tobacco smoking which continues to claim a number of lives.

Many people who switched to E cigs are relieved and have affirmed that they are less toxic and efficient compared to the traditional cigarettes.